Policies and procedures:

ACCESS GUARD AND PATROL is determined to Quality Control as it is defined by our client’s input and feedback, as well as continuous examination of our daily process. To provide best services and to maintain internal control ACCESS GUARD AND PATROL will generate and maintain several reports:

Post Order: 

Once granted the service contract, ACCESS GUARD AND PATROL will design a full set of detailed post orders that define the duties expected of the security personnel. This forms the cornerstone of our off-site training for your facility. When personnel are assigned to your facility the supervisor will conduct an on-site inspection “walkthrough” to assure that the training was thorough and every aspect of the security-requirement of your facility is met.

Customer Feedback/Input:

ACCESS GUARD AND PATROL will regularly conduct survey requesting our client’s input and feedback regarding ACCESS GUARD AND PATROL quality of services. This documentation supports our operations management in ensuring that your needs are met.

Transition Timeline:

ACCESS GUARD AND PATROL extensive experience provides that each facet of the transition process is meticulously planned and implemented to provide a seamless transfer from your current security provider. If you wish to retain any of your existing security guards, Access GP will faciliatate the retention process. 

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