At ACCESS GUARD AND PATROL Security , we understand our company’s strength comes from its people. As we strive to continuously improve the quality of our security services and assure all our clients’ security needs are met promptly and efficiently, we know investing in personnel training that promotes teamwork and a dedication to excellent performance, benefits not just our clients, but also our employees.


At ACCESS GP Security we assure a higher caliber personnel through a unique selection process. In addition to the customary checks (reference check, previous work history, drug screen, criminal background check), we utilize a screening system specifically designed to select only the best qualified candidates. It tests, among other things, for honesty, dependability, socialization skills, substance abuse resistance, cooperativeness, reading/language skills and numerical ability. Moreover, all applicants are personally interviewed by the regional Security Services Manager, to assure a match between the applicant’s ability and our needs.

Once our detailed selection process is completed, all our security offices benefit from continuous improvement programs – Career Development and Supervisory Skills Training. No one is given an assignment without first completing the necessary training. All new personnel and security officers will attend the New Employee Orientation Program. The program provides proficiency standards on the job and reviews our business and organizational philosophy.

The training includes the following topics designed to assure proficiency about organizational structure and standard procedures:

- Organizational structure and description of services

- General work rules and requirements

- Workplace violence and sexual harassment guidelines

- Uniform and appearance standards

- Reporting procedures

- Safety policies

- Career development opportunities

- Courses/training required by BSIS

Access Guard and Patrol Security Services

In order to deliver security services efficiently, we recognize it takes more than training our personnel and sending them on assignment. We make sure our employees know that they have our full support, as they strive to meet our high expectations. ACCESS GP Security performs many inspections, asks many questions, and makes corrections as necessary. Thus, we tell our employees, “We care!”

As a security company, we know the importance of proper organization. Our staff members possess distinct responsibilities, follow precise procedures, and report to superiors and clients. Thus, security operations are performed efficiently, just how our clients expect of us.

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