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ACCESS GUARD AND PATROL Security, provides a wide range of custom-tailored security  services to businesses and corporations throughout Southern California and Great Los Angeles, protecting staff, customers, visitors and the integrity of business assets. For over two decades, a strict policy for recruiting employees, superior leadership, diverse expertise, complete dedication to performance and an organizational philosophy concentrating on clients’ interests has assured our security services are of the highest caliber in the industry.

However, the quality of our services doesn’t come by accident. It takes the hard work and dedication of our employees and a well established and refined operational system to assure the services we deliver are just what our clients expect:


With years of experience as a recognized industry leader, ACCESS GUARD AND PATROL Security is large enough to satisfy all of your professional security service needs, yet small enough to give you the personalized service you deserve. While we are well known for providing thoroughly-trained, uniformed security officers servicing corporate, commercial, institutional and industrial clients — that is only one of the many security services we offer. From a site security service to reliable and state of the roving patrol, we deliver a full range of capabilities, designed to provide you with protection you need and peace of mind.

Qualified Security Staff: 

To assure a higher caliber security personnel we start with a unique selection process: in addition to the customary checks, above and beyond state requirements, we test each applicant, among other things, for dependability, honesty, socialization skills, substance abuse resistance, and cooperativeness. Furthermore, we enroll our employees in a continuous improvement program consisting of Career Development and Supervisory Skills Training. Our Security managers have a minimum of 5 years experience in the security industry, a proven track record, an extensive knowledge of the security industry.

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Diverse Expertise:

From site security to roving patrols, we cover the security needs of a vast array of clients, from small businesses to large corporations and public organizations.


Quality Assurance:

At Access Guard and Patrol Security, we don’t just train employees and send them out to perform tasks, but we make sure they are able to perform effectively and we support, inspect, re-train, ask questions and continuously assess their performance. At the same time, through a web enabled system with real time reporting of incidents, schedules and performance, our clients can effectively monitor our service delivery and get a 360-degree view to evaluate and make operational adjustments.


Our security services are entirely flexible and customizable to your business needs. You can choose from a wide range of security services and products, for a cost-effective solution to address your particular security concerns. In addition, our team of security specialists will work with you to optimize the security delivery process through annual goals and objectives that will reduce the total cost of security and minimize risks. 


Unquestioned Integrity:

We operate our business with the spirit and attitude of a partnership with our clients, as our success is a direct result of their success. We have a proven track record of financial responsibility and ability to meet all licensing, insurance, and payroll commitments for contract start up and throughout its duration. Our time tested management, leadership and public relation standards help us ensure your organization is safe, without interfering with your daily activities or causing discomfort to your employees, customers and visitors. We understand the importance of confidentiality; therefore, we will always perform our tasks with maximum care and discretion.

Our Security Services Include: Guard Services,  Site Security Foot Patrols, Roving Patrol, Event Security, Consulting, and Self Improvement Seminars - for security staff and officers.


We invite you to contact Access Guard and Patrol Security for a free consultation regarding your organization’s security needs.


Access Guard and Patrol works as a partnership with its clients to provide them with the right mix of security services for increased effectiveness and efficiency.

Our team of operatives are all highly trained, qualified and dedicated to providing exceptional services at all times.

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients with security service to suit your needs, whatever their requirements.

We promise to:

  • Always go that extra mile to give you peace of mind that you will be at your safest and most secure with the best services available within the security industry.

  • Ensure our company is fully compliant in respect of Security Industry Authority legislation and Industry Standards, and that the pursuit of excellence is ongoing, and a part of our corporate culture.

  • To cooperate fully with the police and local authorities to help prevent crime wherever we work.

  • Operate a robust and effective recruitment policy to ensure we source quality personnel capable of providing a positive contribution to our organisation and our clients.


It is the policy of Access Guard and Patrol to provide the most professional and skilled security services available. Every Client of Access Guard and Patrol will receive our absolute commitment to excellence from our entire team.We also believe that “People Do Make A Difference” and with that in mind, we pledge to select, hire, train and sustain only those qualified individuals that possess the desire to be the best and perform to exceed the expectation.We will strive, to not only maintain current industry standards, but we will commit ourselves to setting standards that exceed the norm. Our Goal and Mission is to insure each client receives excellence and reliability unrivaled by any other mSecurity Service Provider. Through this commitment, WE PLEDGE OUR REPUTATION as a leader in the Security Service Industry.


Access Guard and Patrol headquarters is located in San Gabriel Valley, California, yet provides service in communities within the Great Los Angeles area, Orange County, Inland Empire,  Riverside and Ventura Counties. To contact the main office for information on locations please call: 1-888-GUARD51 (888) 482-7351 or email us : Accessguardandpatrol@gmail.com. We provide our clients with the highest quality of services available in the security industry. We have been offering comprehensive and high quality  security guard services


Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact us. 

We thank you for the opportunity to service your needs. 

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