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Apartments AND Condos SECURITY Guard Services!

Over 840,000 residences were broken into in 2017 according to the FBI. While high, break-in rates have been dropping recently, possibly because of new security measures now available. Whether living in an apartment, condo or single-family residence, here are safety tips to consider.

Take Extra Precautions While You’re Away. Most break-ins occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when people are at work, at school or just out and about. Install motion detector/home security cameras so you can be alerted of suspicious activity at your home. Add motion sensor lighting around the perimeter of your home or apartment unit (if you are on the ground floor).

Keep doors and windows locked. Burglars are always looking for an easy entry. Keep your doors locked with deadbolts. Windows can be safely secured with inexpensive window locks and sliding glass doors with a simple rod in the tracks.

Invest In A Monitored Home Security Service. A residential security officer can check your home daily to make sure all is secure. If there is a break-in, the officer can alert police. Security service yard signs and window stickers on will scare away most would-be burglars.

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