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Commercial & Industry Security guard and Patrol Svc

Commercial and industrial operations require robust security. An integral part of that security involves active security guard services.

On The Alert. Commercial security guards have one primary focus—to ensure the safety and security of the facility, its employees, contractors and visitors. They act as the company’s eyes and ears if something seems amiss.

A Deterrent. A physical presence of security guards is often enough to deter many types of illegal activity.

Quick Response. If a situation arises—whether it is an altercation between workers, a theft attempt, a hostage or shooter situation, fire or natural disaster—security guards are onsite and are able to respond immediately. When time is of the essence, that’s important.

Access GP. One of the biggest security concerns of a commercial or industrial enterprise is monitoring who going in and out of the facility. Commercial security companies station guards at entry points to prevent unauthorized access.

Grounds Security. Illegal activity doesn’t just take place in buildings. Security guards regularly patrol the perimeter of the facility and parking lots and structures. They escort workers and guests to their vehicles to ensure their safety.

Part of an Overall Security Plan. Sophisticated electronic surveillance is obviously important in an overall security and emergency plan. Security staff also plays a critical role. Guards are trained and licensed to respond to all sorts of security and emergency scenarios. Access Control Security guards, for example, are licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) and must pass vigorous training and continuing education. They are experienced in diffusing volatile situations as well as assisting during emergencies.

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